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Fluxey WordPress Shortcode

The easiest way to use Fluxey on your Wordpress site.


To easily embed Fluxey surveys into your Wordpress site, first download the Fluxey WordPress Shortcode Plugin.

Download the Plugin
View at Wordpress.org


To install the plugin, manually copy the folder "fluxey-wordpress-shortcode" into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder of your wordpress installation. Then go to the Plugins area of the Admin and activate.

Otherwise, search for "Fluxey WordPress Shortcode Plugin" from the admin area of your WordPress site in Plugins > Add New.


To insert your Fluxey survey into a post, add the following shortcode where "A1B2C3D4" is your survey id. You can get your survey id by creating a website stream on the share page in Fluxey:

[fluxey id="A1B2C3D4"]

You can adjust the height and width to suit your site you can add these optional parameters:

[fluxey id="A1B2C3D4" width="500px" height="800px"]

You can enter the shortcode in either the visual or text editor when writing your next WordPress post.

Using a Fluxey shortcode in Wordpress

Use our Fluxey Shortcode to embed surveys.

It's as simple as that, happy posting!