Welcome to the Fluxey web site operated by Native Dynamics Pty Ltd.

Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information. This privacy policy applies to all information collected via the Fluxey web site https://fluxey.com (our “Site”).

For Survey Respondents

Surveys are controlled by the survey creators

We host surveys for many survey ceators and collect responses on their behalf. Ultimately this information belongs to the survey creator and the use of this information will be subject to their privacy policy. For information about how your survey responses will be used you must contact the survey creator.

Anonymity of Survey Data

Your survey responses may be anonymous or may collect identifying information depending on the options chosen by the survey creator. Contact the survey creator for clarification for your survey.

Fluxey and Your Survey Responses

Fluxey exists only to collect responses from you on behalf of the survey creator. We will not distribute or sell any information we collect to thrid parties. We simply collect your responses and give the results to the survey creator.

For Survey Creators

You own your survey data

We exist only to help you create amazing surveys and collect the data you need, we are not interested in selling any data to third party marketers or adviertisers. Your survey data belongs to you and is private, we only use it to provide information to you. We would only supply your data to a third party if compelled to in order to comply with the law.

We store your data securely

We store your data on our secure servers and multiple secure backup locations. We have extensive security measures in place to protect all user data stored with us and apply continuous improvement practices to respond to emerging threats. The Fluxey site and all surveys are secures using SSL/TLS technology that protects your data when transmitted over the internet.

Through these technologies we aim to provide a high level of data securtiy and integrity. However, our technology and processes are not guarantees of security. (please refer to our Terms of Service).

Your data is stored in the United States and Australia.

What infomation we collect

Fluxey collects information from our customers and those that respond to surveys. The information we collect is:

  1. Registration Information. For example email, name and password.

  2. Billing Information. We do not store any financial information ourselves, instead we use a third party service. See Stripe’s website for information about how they securely handle your payment information.

  3. Survey Data. We store the information about your survey, including assets such as images. We also store any responses to this survey.

  4. Other Data. E.g. promotions, contact form reponses.

  5. Usage Data. How users use our service, e.g IP address and pages visisted.

  6. Device and Browser Data. Details about users of our site, e.g. operating system and browser.

How we use the information we collect

We use the information we collect for two purposes only:

  • To provide the services we have agreed to provide to you. We collect your details so that we can identify you, contact you and allow secure access to your account. Through our thrid party payment processor we collect payment details so we can charge you for our paid services. We collect information about the surveys you build so that we can provide our survey services for you.

  • To improve our service. We are always trying to improve our services, and to help achieve this we collect information about how our sites visitors use our site. This includes the acitivites or users on our sites, as well as feedback from our contact form.


Like most websites Fluxey uses Cookies. These cookies identify you to us while you are using the service. We use this information to:

  • Check whether you are logged in and enable certain features in the Fluxey service. This helps us provide security and a convenient user experience.

  • Allow us to monitor how visitors use our site. This helps us to design a better user experience that gets you where you need to go faster.

  • Identify unique survey responses when taking a survey. If the option for unique responses is set for a survey, cookies helps us check if a respondent has responded to this sruvey previously.