Linking or ‘survey logic’ is a powerful tool to change the path respondents take through your survey based on their answers. You can questions that are irrelevant to the individual respondent, guiding them to the end of your survey quicker, and lowering the chance of non-completed surveys. You can even add qualifying questions, which send respondents directly to the end of your survey if they don’t meet criteria.

Logic pathways can be a difficult concept, but Fluxey allows you to build linking into your survey in a way that is easy to use, and will be all but unnoticeable to respondents. Linking is available for subscribers to a Personal, Casual or Professional account.

Definitions: Condition question- this is the question where a respondent’s choice will change what they see after the next time they click “Next”

To begin, you’ll need to build the questions for your survey, including page breaks. This can be either with One-Question-Per-Page mode, or by setting the page breaks yourself.

Make sure that questions are ‘grouped’ on pages according to what you want shown. That is, you can’t skip a question that is on the same page as the ‘condition’ question.

We’ll use the example of the soccer canteen survey, as used in the Getting Started with Fluxey guide. In this survey, we’ll use linking for a couple of criteria:

  • We don’t need to ask questions of the people who would never buy food under any circumstances
  • We’d like to know more about the preferences of people who are not happy with the current selection in the canteen, but those who are happy can skip this section *might be too similar to the first example, can write up if needed
  • We have different questions for those who volunteer for the canteen compared to those who don’t

Our first page has some basic questions, to find out who the respondent is. This finishes with a question about use of the canteen, and will be used to meet our first condition

Once the rest of the survey is built, we go into the Link screen to add the survey logic

Click on the question you would like to add a condition to, just like you would in the build screen. Instead of being able to change the question itself, you’ll be shown the Edit Logic sidebar

First, we choose which option has a logic condition. According to the criteria above, it’s the final option “No, I would never buy food from the canteen” Choose it from the dropdown to continue.

Secondly, we’re able to apply logic if the option is selected, or not selected. For this question, we’re going with “selected”, but not selected is great for times when only one option out of three or more will put respondents on the longer path.

Finally, we want to choose “where” respondents will end up if they meet the conditions we just set. “Next” is useful if you have multiple conditions on the same question, otherwise you can choose any page further into the survey. For this condition however, we’re going to push respondents all the way to the end of the survey.

Click the “plus” button to add the condition to the question

You can see your new logic condtion below in the “Your Active Jump Logic” section.

Then click “save” to close the edit sidebar

Go to the Preview tab to check that the condition is working

Our second criteria is similar to the first, but has a couple of extra features.

First, we’ll take a look at page two of the survey:

Now, we head back to the “Link” tab to add logic to the page

Preview your Logic

We click on Question 7 to bring up the Logic sidebar, adding a condition that sends respondents who choose “no” to page 4

Page 3 includes questions around respondent’s time volunteering with the canteen. Page 4 finds out why respondents haven’t volunteered before. Once those who have volunteered have filled out page 3, we don’t want them to continue to Page 4, so we add a condition to the Page break at the end of page 3

There are no conditions to meet here; we just want to push respondents from here to page 5