To get started lets go to share in the left hand menu.

This is the Share screen. Surveys are shared in what we call “Streams”. Streams allow you to keep results from different sources separate.

Share Page

Click the plus (+) button to add a new stream

In creating a stream, we first decide how we want the survey to be shared. In this instance, we’ll use a Web Link, which we’ll send in an email

We then give this stream a name. Respondents won’t see this name; it’s only for your reference.

The final options are on allowing multiple responses per device- useful if you are collecting responses on a shared computer, or a tablet for example, and recording respondent’s IP addresses. This is useful for keeping track of which devices are collecting surveys, for example if you had a ‘fleet’ of tablets in the field. For this survey, we expect that respondents will be answering on their own computers, and we don’t need any identification, so we leave both boxes ‘un-ticked’.

Now, just click create, and we can continue with sharing the survey.

Your new stream will now appear in the list of streams. Click “Share” to see the web link.

This will bring up the web link in two forms. The first is a regular link in plain text, the other includes HTML code.

The Share Modal

As we’re simply emailing the survey link, select and copy the first link, and paste it into an email

*image of an email- text to follow

Close the window to continue

There are a couple of further options with streams that are available once you have opened a stream. Click “edit” to see them

In the edit screen, we can make changes to the options selected when we created the stream. Also, we can close the stream (if you have enough results, and don’t want to keep collecting), or choose when the stream is opened, if you only wanted a snapshot over a specific period of time. If that’s the case, just choose the option, and pick times.

Hopefully, you’ve designed a great survey, with a compelling case for respondents to complete it. The final part of our guide deals with what you can do with the results. For this, we use the “Inspect” screen

The Inspect Page

The first screen we see is an overview of the survey results, showing how many responses were received over the time that the survey was open. Perfect if you are measuring the response to campaigns, or seeing how staff are going at collecting over time.

The really exciting part is in the questions tab

This is where we can view the results for each question, already displayed as a helpful chart, either a pie chart, or a column chart, depending on how many options were chosen for the question.

Your Question Summaries

We can then save each question’s chart as an image, ready to be inserted in a presentation or report.

For those wishing to get into more detail, you can export results to excel (or other spreadsheet software), if you have a personal or higher account. Just go back to the “Overview” tab, and select “Build results”

When our database is done building your results file, click “download results” to view your file

View your Results in Detail in Excel