We’ve designed Fluxey to be as easy as possible to build surveys, distribute them and display the results. Still, using a platform for the first time can be a challenge, so we’ll guide you through the process so that you can go from novice to master in no time. Let’s use the example of a soccer club wanting to survey members on some new menu items for their canteen. We’ll start at the home screen. This is where you land once you have logged into Fluxey.

Home Page

The first step is to give your survey a name. Click on the text box within “Create a new survey”, and type the name for your first survey.

Canteen Survey Title

Name it whatever you like; respondents won’t see this name anywhere on the final survey. Press enter or click “Create new survey” to continue.

Create New Survey

Your new survey will now appear below under “My Surveys”.

Your Survey in My Surveys

Now let’s choose some of the settings for your survey. You don’t have to go through the settings to continue, but it helps to get some of these things out of the way before we build the survey.

Survey Settings Button

First up is the survey name. Hopefully you haven’t changed your mind so quickly, but if so, this is where you can change the name of your survey at any time.

Change the Survey Title

Second, we’d like to know how you would like to have your questions organised. You can choose either one question per page, or using page breaks; which allows you to control how many questions are shown on a particular page. This setting is useful if you want to group questions around a theme.

Organise Your Survey with Page Breaks

Next, you can choose whether respondents can backtrack through your survey- good if you want a well-considered response, bad perhaps if later questions may change your respondents’ answers for earlier questions.

Allow Going Back in Your Survey

You can choose to randomise the order of your questions within a page. Every respondent to your survey will see the questions in a different order, which can help eliminate accidental bias in responses. Only questions that are on the same page of your survey will be randomised.

Randomise Question Order

Finally you can leave a message for respondents after they have completed the survey. By default, this message will be a simple “Thank you for completing the survey”. Feel free to add a next step, or a more creative message that reflects your personality.

Survey Closing Message

Click ok to return to the home screen.

Click Ok to Close Settings

Now, let’s open your survey to start building.