You’ve created a new empty survey and now it is time to get down to some serious building. Follow this guide to learn the steps to make a great survey!

The Style Tab

We’re now in the Style tab. Here, we choose a template to match the personality of our survey. These range from the whimsical to the more corporate, but always with a keen sense of style.

Style Page

The template currently in use is highlighted as SELECTED.

Selected Theme

For this survey, we’re going to choose a simple template. By clicking the template, you’ll be taken through to the Build tab. If you were to change mind at any stage, just click the Style button to return to this tab.

Navigation Menu

The Build Tab

Now you should be in the Build tab. This is the place you will spend the most time within Fluxey, so spend some time to get comfortable.

Build Page

We’ll start with the survey header. Click on the nice lettuce image, or the respective area on your survey template and it will bring up the Survey Header information.

Survey Header

First, we’ll give the survey a title, which will be the first thing respondents see.

Edit Survey Title

See where it says LOGO? This is where you can add a logo if you have a casual, personnel or premium account. If you don’t want a logo to be displayed, no worries, this placeholder will disappear when the survey is viewed by respondents, this is just a placeholder.

Survey Logo

You can also change the background image to something that better suits your individual survey. This might be a corporate image, a favourite cityscape, or a selfie for those who like the look of themselves.

Change Survey Header Background

Once you have chosen your options, click DONE in the bottom corner to continue

Close Header Options

Now, we can add elements to the survey, including headings, text fields and questions. To add an element, grab a ‘block’ from the right hand sidebar and drag it into your survey.

Drag Blocks to add Questions

Once the block has been placed, click the entry to bring up the Edit Question sidebar.

Open the Edit Question Sidebar

This sidebar is where you can change the question text, add answer options, set the order for those options and change settings for each question. For this survey, we’re going to start with a very important question.

Edit the Question Text

Because it’s important, we want to make sure people give an answer, so the option is selected

Edit the Question Text

Now, just hit DONE to complete the question edit

Close Header Options

We’ll add a few more questions, then the survey is ready to be sent out. For a full description of how each of the question types works, please go through to the Guide on questions types

Add More Survey Questions

This is the part where we would add logic to make it easier for respondents to skip through parts of the survey that aren’t relevant. Logic is reserved for those on personal or higher accounts, and a full guide can be found here.

Next, we can check the survey using the Preview tab, to make sure we’re happy with how the survey will look to respondents. If there are any issues, just return to Build to make changes

The Survey Preview Page

Now, it’s time to share the survey.