Survey headers are the best feature you may not have used already (if so- go you!).

It’s where you can give your survey a little more personality than the standard template. For personal or higher account levels, you can add a company logo (or profile picture) and add your own background image. Even those on free accounts can use the header to add a punchy title to their surveys, or remove the background image to keep attention on the questions.

Click on the nice lettuce image, or the respective area on your survey template and it will bring up the Survey Header information.

Survey Header

Survey Header Editor

The first option is the survey title. Surveys won’t display a title by default, and you can choose to display your survey without one. To add a survey title, just start typing in the text box at the top of the sidebar.

Edit The Survey Heading

Alternatively, you can use a Heading block if it’s more in keeping with your survey design.

Edit The Survey Heading

Logos are a great way to make your survey fit in with other company documentation. If you have a personal or higher account level, click ‘change image’ to add your logo.

Finally, you can change the background image of the header (again, personal or higher account level required). Personally, we’re big fans of the lettuce picture, but we won’t be offended if there’s another image you have in mind to make your survey your own.

Just click ‘upload image’ to add your own background image

Pro tip: once you’ve added a logo and background image, take another look at the themes to see which fonts etc work best with your survey.