Survey Distribution

When you send your survey out into the world, you want to reach as many people as possible. We work hard to make sure your surveys will look great on as many browsers as possible. Fluxey surveys will look great and work as intended on all browsers, from modern smart phone web browsers, to desktop browsers that barely worked when they were new (we’re looking at you Internet Explorer 8).

Survey Building

When building your surveys we want you to have a great experience; with a quick, powerful and intuitive process. To get all these great features Fluxey is optimised for the latest browsers; we use the latest technology and web standards, which may not be compatible with less than current browsers and operating systems.

For the best Fluxey experience (and a better web experience all around), we recommend you use one of the browsers listed below:

While creating surveys with Fluxey works on earlier browsers (right down to IE9), for the best experience it is highly recommended to use one of the browsers listed above.