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The Fluxey Blog

News and musings from the people behind Fluxey.

Fluxey WordPress Plugin

Fluxey is all about making surveys easy, and we like to think that it is pretty easy to embed our surveys into your website. But if you use self hosted WordPress it can be even easier…

Today we are launching our WordPress Shortcode Plugin! Now all you need to do is drop the shortcode for your survey into your post and let our plugin to do the rest…

So, to learn more and download the plugin head over to our WordPress Plugin Page.

The Fluxey Team

Test Drive Fluxey

Fluxey’s builder looks great in the promo pictures, but do you wonder how it actually functions? Turns out it’s smooth as butter, but now you can experience it yourself in our new demo.

The demo allows you to start building your survey and check out the beautiful templates without having to enter a single character of your precious email address.

The best part is if you decide your survey is too good to discard you can create an account from within the demo and you survey will be there waiting for you to distribute to the world!

Not signed up yet? Not completely convinced about Fluxey? Try our demo now.

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The Fluxey Team

Spread the Word & Get Great Discounts

So you have used Fluxey, loved Fluxey and can’t wait to tell your friends how great it is, but what’s in it for you?

That’s a good question, every relationship is give and take so at Fluxey we have decided if you get 3 friends to sign up we are going to give you 10% off your next 12 months.

If you have just subscribed for a year and then refer 3 people don’t worry your discount will be waiting to be applied on your next billing period. Or if you haven’t subscribed yet, the discount will be there until you choose to.

Just remember to get your friends to sign up via your unique referral link which can be found by going to your Account page then clicking view referrals at the bottom.

The Fluxey Team

Announcing Fluxey

After 2 years of planning, developing, designing and re-designing, we are proud to announce Fluxey is ready for the masses!

Fluxey has been designed from the ground up to help you build beautiful surveys in minutes while maintaining all the functionality you would expect from a powerful business tool.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us with testing and feedback along the way. We have aimed to include as many suggestions as possible, and we will continue to improve Fluxey with more features in the near future.

Signup is free so go check it out, we’re sure you will love it!

Happy Surveying!
The Fluxey Team